Friday, 5 March 2010

Spring is Coming

It definately seems warmer the last few days - infact I have noticed that the cream legbar & partridge orpington hens have been a lot more chirpier than normal. Imagine my relief and surprise when I looked in the next box and saw the 1st cream legbar egg of the season ...Hooray. Now we just have to wait for the partridge orpingtons!

We are pleased to discover that we will have a pretty much constant supply of assorted point of lay hybrids this year. Last year saw us low on bluebelles and black rocks, due to a commercial breeder retiring. This year we hopefully will have a constant supply as well as a very pretty new introduction - A 'sussex'. This is a hybrid version of the popular Light Sussex. A very pretty and friendly white bird with a black neck, that lays over 300 eggs a year.

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