Friday, 25 March 2011

Blitz Lice, Mites & Bugs - Naturally.....

Diatomaceous Earth is a natural but super efficient, organic way to treat outbreaks of lice, mites, red/spider mite on your hens or in the woodwork of your coops. Without getting too technical, it's basically a very fine powder that comes from fossilised shell. It's not a new product by any means. It has been used in agriculture for years and years. It is completely non-toxic and can be used as a food supplement as well as a external treatment. It also works for other animals, fleas on dogs, ants in the home, cockroaches etc... It really is a brilliant product and will blitz bugs and stop or prevent infestations without harming you, your family or your animals and pets. I am selling it in 100g bags if anyone wants some. A brilliant household investment for only £4.00 per bag. Let me know!!! Jody xxx

Saturday, 12 March 2011

Our Latest Newsletter


Could there possibly be anybody who does not find these teeny
tiny quail totally and utterly adorable?

Chinese Painted Quail or Button quail as they’re sometimes known,
are the smallest type of quail and when fully grown measure only 3inches in

(When quail hatch they are only about ½ an inch tall. (All
together now, awwww)

Anyway quail are the perfect bird to keep, especially for those
who cannot keep chickens.

This is why:

They can live indoors or outdoors….

They don’t smell….

They’re not noisy….

They lay extremely nice little eggs…. (Perfect hard boiled in

If you take them from an early age they can be tamed (My Quail
‘Nutcracker’ spends most of his evenings sitting on my shoulder, watching TV)

You want to get the person who has everything the perfect present.

Buy them a complete quail kit

A Pair of Chinese Painted Quail with starter kit for just £59.99

This Includes:

An Indoor Quail Cage,

Feeder & Drinker

Food and Bedding

And of course A pair of Chinese Painted Quail

A beautiful and unusual gift (Or just buy them for yourself)



Friday, 11 March 2011

Spring is Here!!!

Unbelievably our hens have started laying really well already and both our incubators are bursting with Legbar, Favorolle and Sussex/Silkie eggs. Hatching so far has been pretty successful and we have a happy, healthy bunch of chicks cheeping away in the brooder. Get in touch anytime for any hen advice or information or pop over and visit us. 
DON'T FORGET ABOUT THE CHINESE PAINTED QUAIL. Beautiful Quail available, all colours. Ask about our quail starter kit. Perfect for those with balconies or small/no gardens. Although they will live really happily indoors.... xxxx