Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Season 5 at Raw Green Cottages!

Happy New Year to everyone.

Hope it's a fantastic 2011 for all of you!

January 4th and so far I'm sticking to my New Years Resolutions including this one which is to blog, blog, blog!!!

It's all quiet down at RGC at the moment. It's really just been a case of damage limitation this last month. The snow and minus temperatures mean that just keeping our chickens warm (ish) and defrosting waters and coops is a twice daily effort. Thankfully though it seems like the warmer weather is here and it's not as bitterly cold as it has been. Our birds have managed to come through the cold spell relatively unscathed which is wonderful. Winter is always an anxious time for poultry keeping. Although they are much tougher than they look, chickens can get too cold and frostbite can also be a real problem!

So what's new for this year... Well it's all about Cream Legbars, Salmon Favorelles and Silkie Goldtops at Raw Green Cottages this season. Cream Legbars are our blue egg laying faithfuls. Universally popular with kids and adults, we are breeding them for a third year- Hooray!

The re-introduction of the Salmon Favorelle - These are amazing, friendly birds and one of my firm favourites. They look like little, chubby owls, are feather sexed (Just about) and are the nicest natured birds you could wish to meet. What's not to love?

Finally we are going to be breeding Goldtop Silkies . These are a cross between a Silkie Cockerel and a light Sussex Bantam Hen. Massively popular with kids due to their docile and quite lovely natures, they do have a tendency to go broody at the drop of an egg! So if you want to hatch your own this year- the natural way, one of these is a must. Oh and they're pink...... Love Jody xxx

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