Saturday, 12 March 2011

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Could there possibly be anybody who does not find these teeny
tiny quail totally and utterly adorable?

Chinese Painted Quail or Button quail as they’re sometimes known,
are the smallest type of quail and when fully grown measure only 3inches in

(When quail hatch they are only about ½ an inch tall. (All
together now, awwww)

Anyway quail are the perfect bird to keep, especially for those
who cannot keep chickens.

This is why:

They can live indoors or outdoors….

They don’t smell….

They’re not noisy….

They lay extremely nice little eggs…. (Perfect hard boiled in

If you take them from an early age they can be tamed (My Quail
‘Nutcracker’ spends most of his evenings sitting on my shoulder, watching TV)

You want to get the person who has everything the perfect present.

Buy them a complete quail kit

A Pair of Chinese Painted Quail with starter kit for just £59.99

This Includes:

An Indoor Quail Cage,

Feeder & Drinker

Food and Bedding

And of course A pair of Chinese Painted Quail

A beautiful and unusual gift (Or just buy them for yourself)



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